old man no win the game

o yes. that old man and his wife, on the other side of the street. then got over here and decited to have some of there head lights at the gofer, blind man then. the had this spot lite cover there chin . so the old man got on the other side to see if lazy gofer sleeping. gofer looked at them see what was going on. if lazy  was sleeping well old man would get out and knock on window , the world knows the result.

Any way after mr. ed could had said but did not. the el gofer had crash .

Brag road ghost lite


Well thats a new picture of the ghost lite.  Dont know if its fake or not. Any way there is the old rr tracks on 1093 . There is a signal but no one is there . I been there when it was pitch dark . U have to get used to the dark.  I had this spot lite at the woods and other places