porn movies oOO

O yes get u all hot and bothered. soon or later back ends start looking good. its all cause of a dong in to poon tang.  Thats right o elton  john bet queen knows how to please ringo star. woops his real name is Richard Starkey.  And still men get the urge cause of porn.


I see the beatles could have put out another album in 1971. O well who cares. Yea gofer ate some spam and pita bread today. Ill have the pig from dead box clean the back end up. Bets real healthy to eat brown food form the intestines. ANY WAY some runt wants to talk probably no touching. Why dont u come over dead box and shave me plus the bag and srick.

share your passion all right

Gofers thinking. its supposed to get 40 degrees below zero today.  Dont know what to do. except swim in barton springs like teachers at tex university does.  They really show there skin there.  That means go bear ass naked in that ice water. get blue balls doing that. but the students studing rock science there brains expand so much and then burst come test time.