1960, i guess u could say they started Ele School back then.  They remember going to Glen Rose many times,snow ice cream, a girl named Pam,fishing trips. O yea they grew up all right.  Now for some reason there saying a name right.  Yea they painted schools and refinished desk and did the land scapping.  Fred is really getting silked. But really o it will be vodka and cranberry juce time.  Hells bells  just pretend there  in Austin or some where relaxing .  This relaying on the past for answerin is bs.   Yea some one met DRE at the trails in the 1980s so what .  O yea Pancho is aigzag in different subjects.  Hells bells yes going up yander  in a few would be interesting.  What Fred will do is no drive just get a glass add lots of vodka then cranberry juce .  It does take a effect .


spider bag lady

securi-boyO there is or was  a spider bag lady o yea. Gofer was trying to paint on here. There was this
lady with extra tits trying to con vince lofer to go to Nagodocher  to meet someone. O lofer did
all the way up there . And park in front of a double wide trailer house. O they went in and
spider lady went to this  room . Well some thing smelled like pussy . lOfer ignored the smell and
did the in and out. Could not stand snoring . Then go to the cave and strip fast. Just discustin to
see naked.  Well peter did not care . Yes gofers dick was hard as hell. Yes the div went a long
way in.
Screwing that kagin winch — o yea. She was out side putting her hand on the balls and dick.
Thats enough for now .

sware to buda

that tv sex is great. Its true you can have a small tv station right here.. Have sex games. Show 15 foot creatures open there mouth and a fat pig slips in. Or strip poker in the parking lot where walmat used to be. Self sex get lots of ratings for that.

the french sex movies

O yes yall have the most preverted sex films around. phonoscope in h town actually sponcers peeps having the urge to self pleasure. thats  choke the chicken, beat the meat. walking around the track at  bear creek gives creatures the urge to rub. No it dont.

black water comments

Thats right its about bag lady on hammerly, that sharon, lowes laen in colorado.

First its rated what ever that means. Or a space worm having its way with a clumsley creature.  Well yes carol u can cum back,  but gofer calls the shots. That fat colorado gofer will drop u off on jensen drive become like the rest.  Just saying about the old lady at i hop. drink some wild turkey with me and see what the birds and the bees are.

old man no win the game

o yes. that old man and his wife, on the other side of the street. then got over here and decited to have some of there head lights at the gofer, blind man then. the had this spot lite cover there chin . so the old man got on the other side to see if lazy gofer sleeping. gofer looked at them see what was going on. if lazy  was sleeping well old man would get out and knock on window , the world knows the result.

Any way after mr. ed could had said but did not. the el gofer had crash .


YES i can name lots of places on kempwood that have strange creatures,lights , and cemetories there. To begin with try spring valley street . Long time ago things happened at 3303 and 3307.  Just get on that street yo can see the past. O BUS 55 and 102. BG and the sex urge. Then there is behind some church on long point, a fenced off area lots of old graves there. Then there is patterson road, theses wiskey drinking indians say there is strange ness on the bridge.  Any one can go to that famous place blue lite cemetory. There is no ghost figures or naked poon tang there.  Go in that place might have weeds there.

any thing goes with coke cola

first it was have more fun, then it was life is better when your freshed. Whats  next ? just  go to east beach at Galveston. Go strip down to the bear. How about a dip in that play like salt water. Might be cold. OR drink a coke when being in a porn movie. They got billions from peeps drinking cola with wild turkey.  No whats better is go to the stop lights at gessner and kempwood.  Get a ice cold coke and get naked with a big tited lady that went to SWHS in 1972, good idea right.