name calling effects

Hells bells thats like bully bully thats it. Gofer dont care. Dont know about that meet at i hop. But just one picture to go by.  Is this little creature hidding poundage. Who cares then its a about get along . This mean a room to decide if what is what. Hell gofer dont know.Placeholder Image


Here is the deal. They say they be there, then stay 30 min, then say good luck. Here is the next  deal they stay and say, i want to know u better, or no show up.   Just prepair for the best result. Hells bells that one the other bs me then wanted a favor.  One before that might have been the movie house. Gofer should had felt her leg or some thing get her           interested to scared of there own shadow to do that.

spider bag lady

securi-boyO there is or was  a spider bag lady o yea. Gofer was trying to paint on here. There was this
lady with extra tits trying to con vince lofer to go to Nagodocher  to meet someone. O lofer did
all the way up there . And park in front of a double wide trailer house. O they went in and
spider lady went to this  room . Well some thing smelled like pussy . lOfer ignored the smell and
did the in and out. Could not stand snoring . Then go to the cave and strip fast. Just discustin to
see naked.  Well peter did not care . Yes gofers dick was hard as hell. Yes the div went a long
way in.
Screwing that kagin winch — o yea. She was out side putting her hand on the balls and dick.
Thats enough for now .


I see the beatles could have put out another album in 1971. O well who cares. Yea gofer ate some spam and pita bread today. Ill have the pig from dead box clean the back end up. Bets real healthy to eat brown food form the intestines. ANY WAY some runt wants to talk probably no touching. Why dont u come over dead box and shave me plus the bag and srick.

old man no win the game

o yes. that old man and his wife, on the other side of the street. then got over here and decited to have some of there head lights at the gofer, blind man then. the had this spot lite cover there chin . so the old man got on the other side to see if lazy gofer sleeping. gofer looked at them see what was going on. if lazy  was sleeping well old man would get out and knock on window , the world knows the result.

Any way after mr. ed could had said but did not. the el gofer had crash .