name calling effects

Hells bells thats like bully bully thats it. Gofer dont care. Dont know about that meet at i hop. But just one picture to go by.  Is this little creature hidding poundage. Who cares then its a about get along . This mean a room to decide if what is what. Hell gofer dont know.Placeholder Image

those adult clubs

Dont go to those. they will degrade u to nothing. O used to do any thing for dinero  dancers would some times rip off. U know they get raided by vice cops.Screw them places. rather have a normal relation ship. Think before you act.

share your passion all right

Gofers thinking. its supposed to get 40 degrees below zero today.  Dont know what to do. except swim in barton springs like teachers at tex university does.  They really show there skin there.  That means go bear ass naked in that ice water. get blue balls doing that. but the students studing rock science there brains expand so much and then burst come test time.


The wind is southwest that means top water along the banks of the San Jancinto River. At matagorda bay jaws is has been seen having sex with a dancing girl. The height of the water 12 miles from east beach at Galveston is 2 inches above sea level. They are trying to sell hippie fishing equipment at KILT 610 Outdoors. Down by the Texas City Dike there catching bull reds that talk back to you. Alagator gar has been seen in buffalo bayou thats a state record of 10 feet. On Galveston there has been reports of land sharks lurking near the big cemetory.