Here is the deal. They say they be there, then stay 30 min, then say good luck. Here is the next  deal they stay and say, i want to know u better, or no show up.   Just prepair for the best result. Hells bells that one the other bs me then wanted a favor.  One before that might have been the movie house. Gofer should had felt her leg or some thing get her           interested to scared of there own shadow to do that.

the gofer predicts

lest see first new england will loose by 7 points. Mexcan ladies will show every thing at 9546 kempwood at 9 tonight. A certain peon in blalock parking lot better watch for a chain party. Its real fun knowing that a pile of dishes got to be washed before the naked super bowl begains sunday .So that peep said there a ex seal in the parking lot. The gofer can play head games just like squids . O then here come obama control again. How in the blank pay stuff and then pay that i say f-it .


usaHey thats right kempoood is rite there. It sure is ? Any way who is reading this garbarge ?

Where is bg ? That used to live on hammerly.

I think she still has black hair.  And a different

sounding voice.  Just come over u swine.   O u must have advanced

since yale pharm.  yEA ITS on shepard that street.  Just knock on

that great door. Even though the floor has papers on it and as coke

bottle.  I dont care.  First sit on the sofa  let me put my hand in

your shirt.  I see those tits they fell so good.  There ploping out of

the bra i guess u got on .  Here feel my hard dick.  Dont kiss it suck

it.  Now i want to put my hand in your pants. Even though u are fat.

I dont care.  I guess u want to stay a long time . Ok.  Then that

means u want to do ever sex act good.  Come on where the bed is.

Well u can take a hot shower.  Here is a towel to dry off with.

O the bed .  Lay on your stomak .  I want to see some thing.

Ill just rub u down . As i widen your legs.  Im felling her but.

Now im trying to put my wein in there . God that feel so good.

And she dont care.  Now she turned over.  I can see her big tits and

sorta the fat stomak. Futher down is lots of pubic hair.  I try to

find the button and rub it. Her pussy is well kinda jucy already.

I put my dick in it all the way .  Cumming many times . On and on

it goes sex sex so i can get back when i did not have any .


1960, i guess u could say they started Ele School back then.  They remember going to Glen Rose many times,snow ice cream, a girl named Pam,fishing trips. O yea they grew up all right.  Now for some reason there saying a name right.  Yea they painted schools and refinished desk and did the land scapping.  Fred is really getting silked. But really o it will be vodka and cranberry juce time.  Hells bells  just pretend there  in Austin or some where relaxing .  This relaying on the past for answerin is bs.   Yea some one met DRE at the trails in the 1980s so what .  O yea Pancho is aigzag in different subjects.  Hells bells yes going up yander  in a few would be interesting.  What Fred will do is no drive just get a glass add lots of vodka then cranberry juce .  It does take a effect .

the french sex movies

O yes yall have the most preverted sex films around. phonoscope in h town actually sponcers peeps having the urge to self pleasure. thats  choke the chicken, beat the meat. walking around the track at  bear creek gives creatures the urge to rub. No it dont.

any thing goes with coke cola

first it was have more fun, then it was life is better when your freshed. Whats  next ? just  go to east beach at Galveston. Go strip down to the bear. How about a dip in that play like salt water. Might be cold. OR drink a coke when being in a porn movie. They got billions from peeps drinking cola with wild turkey.  No whats better is go to the stop lights at gessner and kempwood.  Get a ice cold coke and get naked with a big tited lady that went to SWHS in 1972, good idea right.

day lite hours

well thats when gofer takes a nap in a cave under kempwood. there is such of a place. And madanna sings give peace a chance while doing the blow job action, thats right. its almost time for the ham fair to say last call for poon tang.  Yea the Karen Louis is trying to hide what she looks like. just shows a rinkeled up billion year old face. Good night to all the peeps going east on the Austin hwy.

strange peeps at the cave

thats right there is a cave near Kempwood gofer lives in . just because the election runined the pinkos, they are trying to door.  there is a  colored guard trying to hide there face. now some lady with big mellons i let in wait no way. ANY WAY. this lady went out side and a circle of peons circled her.  Well least heard about sex cults. Thats what was going to happen if the door was opened. Dont know what they do ,probably preverted stuff. Ok then gofer will keep telling about the cave.