spider bag lady

securi-boyO there is or was  a spider bag lady o yea. Gofer was trying to paint on here. There was this
lady with extra tits trying to con vince lofer to go to Nagodocher  to meet someone. O lofer did
all the way up there . And park in front of a double wide trailer house. O they went in and
spider lady went to this  room . Well some thing smelled like pussy . lOfer ignored the smell and
did the in and out. Could not stand snoring . Then go to the cave and strip fast. Just discustin to
see naked.  Well peter did not care . Yes gofers dick was hard as hell. Yes the div went a long
way in.
Screwing that kagin winch — o yea. She was out side putting her hand on the balls and dick.
Thats enough for now .


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